1. What is the activity of your company??

We’re vinyl glove,latex alike vinyl glove,PE/CPE/TPE glove and PVC household glove manufacturer and exporter.

2. Do you produce other products besides vinyl glove and latex alike glove?

We also produce PE/CPE/TPE glove and PVC household glove. But if you need other kinds of gloves, we can contact the relative factory for you in our city, you can place an order to them directly, no middleman.

3. What certificates do you have for your products?

CE、 FDA、 ISO13485、 NSF、etc.

4. What is your acceptable payment term ? What is the minimal order quantity?

We accept the payment term of L/C at sight and T/T currently. And we are exporter, not retailer, so usually, the minimal order quantity will be 200 CTNS. If you need a few samples, please contact us.

5. What is the output of your factory?

Our current output is 100*40FCL ( 250million pieces ) every month by the end of 2015, our output will be up to 150*40FCL ( 375 million pieces ) every month at 2016.

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